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The right to choose the institution or professional

In terms of health, the law gives you certain rights, including the right to choose from which or whom you wish to receive health services or social services.

But what does it mean?

The right to choose from which or whom you wish to receive health services or social services comes with certain limitations. Indeed, if you have the right to ask, nothing in the law limits the freedom of a professional to accept or refuse to treat you.

So, if you want to be operated on by the same surgeon who operated on your sister, the chosen doctor is not obliged to take you on as a patient and could therefore refuse to operate on you.

As for medical examinations and tests, be aware that even if your request refers you to a particular establishment, you can go to the establishment of your choice. You can therefore decide to have your blood test taken at a facility near your workplace if that is more convenient for you.


Sophie and her psychotherapist

Sophie finds it difficult to confide in her psychotherapy sessions. She is even thinking of canceling her next meetings. It is while discussing with her social worker that Sophie learns that she has the right to ask to change psychotherapists. His request was accepted. Sophie was able to continue her follow-up with a professional she trusted more, without interruption.

Mark loses his family doctor

During his last appointment, Mark refused the tests his doctor asked him to do. When he wanted to make a new appointment, the secretary told him that the doctor had removed him from his list of patients and was no longer his family doctor. Mark questions the legitimacy of this decision.

After being informed, he learns that nothing actually obliges a professional to take care of a patient if his life is not in danger. However, this free choice remains restricted and the doctor must have valid reasons for refusing to treat a patient.

If going to a specific institution is preferable for you or if you would like to be treated by a particular professional, do not hesitate to ask.
It's your right!

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