Filing a complaint:

a step towards making a difference



Not all institutions are part of the Complaint Examination System. Unfortunately, we are still unable to help you file a complaint against a private institution, such as private medical clinics that generally accept the RAMQ card. Since every case is unique, you may contact us any time to verify if an institution is under the purview of the Complaint Examination System.

The types of institutions against which we can help you file a complaint are:


Physical rehabilitation centres
Rehabilitation centres for persons with intellectual impairments
Addiction rehabilitation centres
Ambulance services


Local community service centres (CLSC)
Child and youth protection centres
Community health and social services organizations


Foster families
Transitional resources
Residential and long-term care centres (CHSLD)
Private seniors’ residence
Family type resources

Grounds for complaints

It is sometimes difficult to express our dissatisfaction in words. Here is a list of the main categories of reasons for complaints and what they imply:

  1. Accessibility and continuity of services

    • keyboard_arrow_rightWaiting lists
    • keyboard_arrow_rightDifficulties finding a physician
    • keyboard_arrow_rightService cuts
  2. Clinical care and professional aspects

    • keyboard_arrow_rightTechnical and professional skills
    • keyboard_arrow_rightDecisions, interventions
    • keyboard_arrow_rightTreatment:
      • Approach
      • Care assistance
    • keyboard_arrow_rightEvaluation, professional judgment
    • keyboard_arrow_rightCare and service organizations
  3. Interpersonal relations

    • keyboard_arrow_rightViolence and abuse:
      • Physical abuse
      • Psychological abuse
      • Negligence
      • Material and financial abuse
      • Sexual abuse
    • keyboard_arrow_rightLack of respect
    • keyboard_arrow_rightGeneral behaviour
    • keyboard_arrow_rightReliability
    • keyboard_arrow_rightLack of empathy
    • keyboard_arrow_rightCommunication with the family circle
    • keyboard_arrow_rightPrivacy
    • keyboard_arrow_rightEmpowerment
  4. Financial aspect

    • keyboard_arrow_rightAmbulance fees
    • keyboard_arrow_rightSpecial needs
    • keyboard_arrow_rightExpenses related to certain goods and services
    • keyboard_arrow_rightMaterial and financial support
    • keyboard_arrow_rightMedication costs
    • keyboard_arrow_rightTravelling expenses
    • keyboard_arrow_rightFinancial resources allocation
    • keyboard_arrow_rightUsing of public funds
  5. Environment organization and material resources

    • keyboard_arrow_rightFood:
      • Quality
      • Quantity
      • Variety
      • Diet
      • Organisation
    • keyboard_arrow_rightMixing of users:
      • Age
      • Patient’s gender
      • Diagnosis
      • Cultural and linguistic aspect
    • keyboard_arrow_rightSpatial organization:
      • Adaptation of premises
      • Maintenance, repairs
    • keyboard_arrow_rightIntimacy
    • keyboard_arrow_rightRules and procedures
    • keyboard_arrow_rightRelationship with the community
    • keyboard_arrow_rightHygiene and sanitation
    • keyboard_arrow_rightComfort and convenience:
      • Choice of room
      • Bathroom arrangement
      • Convenience of room
      • Personal services (radio, TV)
      • Room temperature
      • Air quality
      • Decoration
      • Peacefulness, noise
      • Bed
      • Lighting
    • keyboard_arrow_rightEquipment:
      • Quality
      • Safety
      • Availability
      • Mechanical breakdown
      • Hygiene and sanitation
    • keyboard_arrow_rightSafety and protection:
      • Personal
      • Personal belongings
      • Safety of premises
    • keyboard_arrow_rightActivity and daily life:
      • Activities program
      • Participation in tasks of daily life
      • Personal organization
      • Communication
      • Authorized leave of absence
  6. Complaint concerning a physician

    Any complaint related to treatment care provided by a medical doctor, a dentist or pharmacist working in a public institution.