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The right to confidentiality

When it comes to health, the law gives you some rights such as the right to confidentiality and privacy. 

What is the right to confidentiality?

In Quebec, your rights to confidentiality and privacy are protected by various laws. As there is little information more intimate than the one found in a medical record, it is good to remember that, except for a few exceptions, nobody can share this information without your agreement.

Considering that the obligation of confidentiality involves all staff, and not only those who are bound by professional secrecy, the breach of confidentiality can take several forms: case discussions between colleagues, documents left in view, request for personal information in a public place... Remember that from the moment you are not comfortable with information being overheard by other people, you can ask to proceed otherwise.


Alice has the same doctor as her parents

Since she was very young, Alice has been followed by the same family doctor as her parents. His mother, Nadine, always accompanied her to her appointments. Today, Alice is 16 years old and she decides to make an appointment with her doctor herself to ask him for information on contraception. The following week, Nadine comes to the doctor's office. The doctor then makes the mistake of mentioning Alice's passing. Although he didn't specify the reason for Alice's visit, it is a breach of Alice's right to confidentiality.

Michael shows up for his appointment at the clinic

Michael feels burning when he urinates and he has made an appointment at a clinic. The reception is located in the waiting room, where five people are already waiting. The secretary asks Michael for personal information to open his file. Michael gives his address, telephone number and date of birth without any problem, even if the people in the waiting room can easily hear the information. However, the secretary ends by asking him the reason for his consultation. Embarrassed, Michael does not want other patients to hear that information. He therefore asks the secretary for a piece of paper on which he writes the requested information.

A privacy breach is when an unauthorized person has access to a person's personal information. It can be intentional or accidental.

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